"URBAN SAFARI", an audio play for the whole family

Duration ~40min. - 1h
Language LV
Age Routes X, Y, and Z 12+, Route Ž 6+
Hanzas laukums
Creative team:
Pamela Butāne and Ance Muižniece


Why is mom so annoying and why is dad so old-fashioned? Why are kids so ungrateful? Why is everyone else wrong,and why are we the only ones who seem to be doing everything right? Why is itso hard for us to understand one another?

The walking audio play “Urban Safari” is anadventure for the whole family, either everyone together or each memberseparately. You can go on four different walking routes and use yourimagination to observe people from different generations in their naturalhabitats. The play presents a run-through of the characteristics of generationsX, Y, and Z, giving you the opportunity to compare them, better understandthem, and have a little laugh at them (as well as one another).

Route X.Meet 45-year-old Maruta. She knows what a fax and a boombox are, and knows what Krasnaya Maskva smells like , but doesn’t know what LOL and OMG mean. She is alsoabout to reveal a secret about her past. What will the future hold for thisGeneration X-er who’s afraid of change and cares only about the well-being ofher husband and two sons?

Route Y.Follow along the story of Oskars, a 33-year-old millennial who wants to growpumpkins in his garden, drink oat lattes, work from home, and live in harmonywith himself, nature, and other people. Oskars is used to living in freedom,but his future plans are at risk of being shattered by his mother’s traditionalvalues.

Route Z.Listen in on the tale of two Gen Z-ers: 11 year-old Sofija Emīlija who’ssilently fighting gender stereotypes, and her 17-year-old brother Emīls Ričardswho’s keen on developing an app that’s going to modernize religion. Thegrownups just don’t seem to get what they’re on about.  

Route Ž. A child-friendly route where you can follow SofijaEmīlija’s journey. She has a great life – her mom and dad take care of her and give her all theirbest, and it is exactly why Sofija Emīlija can’t bring herself to talk to them.Today is her birthday, and she has only one wish. Will she have the courage tomake it known to her parents?


To enjoy the show, you need to download the mobile application echoes.xyz



! Ticket is valid for all 4 routes !

You’re going to need a smartphone to take part in the performance. 

However, you won’t need neither a vaccination certificate, certificate of recovery, nor a negative COVID-19 test to attend! Each visitor will get to experience the show individually using their smartphone and headphones.

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