"THE QUEUE", a case of 21-st century absurdism

Duration: ~1h
Language: LV
Age: for adults
Toms Treinis
Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce
Set designer:
Kristaps Kramiņš
Costume designer:
Marta Mielava
Eduards Johansons, Anna Nele Āboliņa, Meinards Liepiņš, Rihards Jakovels, Diāna Krista Stafecka, Januss Johansons, Inese Ramute, Ģirts Rāviņš, Ilze Pukinska

“The Queue” is a play about queuesin human life – a phenomenon that’s inevitable and paradoxically absurd.

One way or another, literally or figuratively, a great deal of our lives is occupied by standing in queues. Queuing for sausages, bananas, a beer (in the countdown to 10 p.m.); a better life, the pearly gates; vaccines, guns, second-hand clothing; refugee status; cheaper food; to be first on a plane, to send the kids off to kindergarten.

But what exactly goes on in the queue? And how does it affect our consciousness when we’re  forced to stand in line with complete strangers, each with their point of view? Does queuing affect our habits? And don’t we end up wasting our time and the very point of our existence, hoping that we’ll be happier having reached what’s at the end of the queue?

The world isn’t absurd – unlike the conditions we live in and create for ourselves. The times we live in are proof of this. And every day, there seem to be more and more queues.

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