"NEAR AND FAR", a dedication to homes and lodgings

Duration: ~2h
Language: LV
Age: 12+
Hall of former Latvenergo “ZET” administration building, 14 Raiņa Street
Elīza Dombrovska, Kirils Ēcis
Kristiāna Bērza

Anna Klišāne, Ivars Krasts, Gerds Lapoška, JurģisLūsis, Kirils Ēcis, Elīza Dombrovska

“and every now and then you feel like you don’t live here, but have just come to stay for a bit – as if you’d come to visit and overstayed your welcome. And you think someone is about to pop out of the wardrobe and say: ‘Thanks for stopping by – it was nice to have a little sit and have a little sing, but now it’s time for you to go.’ And you go out onto a road that,for some reason, doesn’t stretch out straight before you like a set of railroad tracks, but goes in all directions like a great big square laid flat on the ground. And you hold your breath, hoping to pick up a voice from any of the half-open windows near and far, hoping to add yours on top of theirs, and –”

“Near and Far” are acts of the inner and outer atmospheres of young artists based on songs they’ve either written or nicked, and stories about one’s search for belonging they’ve either experienced or overheard. The play takes place in a world that changes day after day and continues to expand and shrink, triggering a sudden desire to flee into the unknown, followed by an immediate urge to return home. 

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