"MARIJA AND THE LIGHTNING", a summery play about loves and likes

Duration ~1h
Language: LV
Age 13+
Garā iela 3, entrance from Lilijas iela
Paula Pļavniece
Klāvs Mellis
Rūdolfs Gediņš
Musical concept:
Reinis Boters

Ance Strazda, Sandija Dovgāne, Āris Matesovičs, Reinis Boters

When Marija was little, she got struck by lightning. While she can’t remember the strike itself, she recalls everything else: the autumn alorange clouds, the distant sun, and the warm rain on the pavement. And then, abang, a bolt, and darkness. The lightning left two little scars – two little dots – on Marija’s thigh. One for the entry, one for the exit. The leg around the scars is numb – poke as much as you want, and Marija won’t feel a thing. She hasn’t told anyone about it, although it might make for a cool party trick. For some reason, Marija feels ashamed of herself. But this summer, she will meet Lote. “Cute scars,” Lote will say. “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed about.”

“Marija and the Lightning” is a summery play about loves and likes – about this confusing world that’s growing smaller and smaller, and the constant turmoil we’re being gifted by this mysterious force called life.

NB: Rough language and cigarettes are used in the performance

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