"LUNGS", the anxiety of the soul in the language of dance

Duration: ~1h
Language: no restrictions
Age: 13+
“Sajūtu parks” off the steep banks (“Stāvie krasti”) of the river Gauja
Inese Mičule
Dance and choreography:
Liene Stepena
Staņislavs Judins
Choreography consultant:
Olga Žitluhina

A relationship story between a woman and a man, the freedom of one’s living space, responsibilities, societal standards, one’s ego, and the right to breathe and live in harmony with the mystery of one’s self.  

We use the word “free” to describe a physical and psychological feeling we’re intuitively able to recognize in ourselves, the people around us, and the characters and symbols that permeate everyday life. But as human consciousness begins anothertrans formation, it brings to life a new self-awareness. Throughout world history, this has been reflected in changes in the structure of the human psyche which Carl Gustav Jung dubbed “the collective unconscious.”

This story is about the world populated by only two people, their path of love, hopes, doubts, and fears, and their quest to stay together while remaining free.

The performance combines dance and movement, shaping a unique entity with a sound vibration that allows the music to function as text.

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